becomes Clarity

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No progress without deviation from the norm 

If you ignore the customer demands in a creative pitch, there are two possible outcomes. In the first scenario they will interrupt your presentation, maybe ask for clarification and (hopefully politely) show you the door.

The second scenario creates an instant 'clique' because the discussion isn't about what the outcome will be but what goal are we aiming for together. The latter happend with Flow Fabric, an ambitious IT organisation with a special story.


From overwhelming
to streamlined

This project was all about the 'brand story'. What does Flow Fabric mean for their clients? What do clients experience as valuable and distinctive about Flow Fabric? How does Flow Fabric contribute to the clients goals. We needed to gain these insights so we worked closely together with Flow Fabric and their clients on location.

The insights are translated into the core values ​​of Flow Fabric. The analytical capacity to convert overwhelming amounts of data to streamlined processes. So that they can provide the right applications for those processes. While the emphasis in the past was mainly on 'building' of applications, clients turned right to see the insights and the analytical capacity of Flow Fabric as the main value. This insight became the basis for their brand story. Complexity Becomes clarity.


A knowledge organization with an eye for detail

If you take a look at the IT website landscape you will see its dominated by white websites with a hint of either blue, red or orange. Nothing stands out and everything looks the same. So it was only logical to stay (far) away from those colors when we created the new Brand for FlowFabric.

As an early adopter of Mendix FlowFabric has built an above average knowledge of the platform. A knowledge organisation with an eye for detail. We used this status when we started designing the brand. That means it needs to live and breathe premium & luxury. FlowFabric is the best of the best. No doubt.


Premium & recognizable
brand in the IT services

Due the combinations of the very unusual colours, stylish typography and top-notch photography we created a brand that stands out and is absolutely different compared to competitors.

From the renewed identity we have developed a full suite of communications.
And if we 'completely' say, we mean completely. The brand book to present the new brand to the outside world, a striking exhibition stand with teaser video, corporate video showing the full story is told in pictures and of course the website as a central hub for all communications.