Safe, Responsible
Internet for Kids

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A browser that kids
love and want to use daily

MyBee originally launched back in 2008 as a desktop browser for Windows. While the browser was pretty popular during the launch after a few years the numbers of users went down and other competitors took over.  

With the rise of the tablet KPN decided it was time to relaunch MyBee and take a new shot at being the ‘best and fun browsers for kids’


The place to be for
kids on the internet

The problem is that most of the time the internet isn’t a save place for kids to find content. YouTube or Google are great tools but its also full of content that isn’t suitable for kids. While this is a real concern for parents a kid doesn’t care about any of that.

They just want to be entertained and find content that suits their needs. In order to be a succesfull browser kids want to use daily. The app shouldn’t focus on creating a safe haven for kids with a lot of restrictions. But it needs to focus on the fun-factor, a place where they can find their entertainment


Designing for kids equals
Designing with kids

During the design process we focussed on personalization and richness of content with the challenge in mind; “safe as possible”. By collective offering approved content based on the profile of the child. We created a way the kids can always experience something new when opening Mybee.

To be the place kids would go to find their content online. MyBee needed to become their world, a world they can adjust to their liking. In order to achieve that level of personalization we designed MyBee that a child can choose their own background and avatar without scarificing on interaction and design.


A fun way for kids to explore the internet safely

We designed this app with kids. Everything from the logo to the interface went through user panel testing under the supervision of the specialized agency UXKids. The input of more than 70 kids were decisive in the during the process of this project and it shows!

8 months after the new MyBee launched. MyBee scored an average of 9.1 among 72 kids from the user panel. Parents are enthusiastic and appreciate the app with a 8.6 out of 10. With MyBee 2.0 KPN takes its responsibility when it comes to media education.