Tailormade Design
For a Fashion Brand

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Match the quality of the 
products with the new website

Suitsupply is known for their unmatched quality. They are pioneers and visionars in the fashion. They have gained a lot of attention with their marketing campaigns such as ‘scandelous’. For SuitSupply quality is the more important than anything else.

But the website of SuitSupply didn’t match the quality of their campaigns and their products. It also didn’t fit the status they achieved over time. Thats when they wanted to step their game up online and become the best eCommerce website


Shopping made easy 
and visual

Shopping online can be a tedious task due the limitations of technology. Questions like how does it look on me, what kind of fabric did they use are often unanswered. Sometimes you want to feel the product or look at the details before you decide to buy something just kike you do in retail shop.

With the goal ‘best Ecommerce website’ in mind and the rise of mobile activity we coulnd’t pass on to try on the new technology responsive design. This way customers could easily order their suit while being on the go.


The devil is in the details but so is the quality

To able to feel the fabric and to showcase the design of the products we had to come up with a different way of showing the products. Normally eCommerce websites show their products via a specificied size no matter what the product is. This way a shoe looks huge compared to a jacket.

In order to tackle that problem we created 3 image sizes functionally called Small, Medium & Large. We divided the products in those categories, that way we could design product pages that fit the type op product. This way the customer can see the product how it is suppossed to be.


One of the best responsive eCommerce websites

We utilised a simple minimal layout combined with the high quality product photography. The desktop site contains standard navigation and product filters, but we have chosen to either remove or simplify these elements when the site is viewed on smaller screens such as tablet and mobile.

This way we could keep the focus on the products of SuitSupply and made shopping for the the customers more enjoyable and easy. The cherry on the cake is that the website has been nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award and named “one of the best eCommerce websites” by CreativeBloq.